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When it comes to somebody’s present state of mind, there will always be some type of confusion to judge. The more a person thinks, more complicated his own personality becomes for others. Sometimes, one becomes too irk to resist and sometimes, too euphoric to match up the exhilarating intensity. All this happens with the person due to only one characteristic i.e. inability to express. People may find that person full of mysteries but in reality that person can be an open book. Reverse condition also may go both ways.

A scenario full of complications always leads to some source of corruption. If one considers commerce, it looks nothing more than a world of numbers and calculation with a systematic track of supply as well as demand. But in turn, if one starts to study it in the beginning; one may find it difficult and boring. There is boredom in that because this subject is created in such a manner that nobody should understand this. This can help to open up your senses to feel something wrong in that system.

Funny part is that people won’t find it suspicious but challenging. On the contrary, if they find that a person is not looking straight in the eyes or trying not to talk much; they would surely find him mysterious, untrustworthy and villain. Although, I agree to the fact but there are some aspects to be covered before judging on a person. Autistic, introvert and shy persons also go through the same scenario but people don’t find them challenging but untrustworthy, unethical and so on. Therefore, it becomes unreasonable to judge somebody by one’s actions.

To sort out everything, let’s go through much deeper but very simple logic. There are two basic emotions in this world namely joy and fear. For some people; joy can be termed as desire, lust, love and happiness but when it comes to joy, nothing remains negotiable.

Everything seems alien and new to children when they start feeling this world after gaining some sort of consciousness. They tend to be adamant and rude towards the circumstances as it is a simple defense mechanism. Afterwards, they start understanding the surroundings and become used to them. They portray some imaginative as well as materialistic desires in their minds. These desires lead them to such a level of joy and satisfaction that they enjoy it the most when they get what they want. Children have more random and intense desires for anything in comparison to any other age group. Here, the exact opposite fear haunts them in the form of parents, ghosts, toy damage, importance among friends.

When a child reaches its childhood, one becomes obsessed with a sudden attraction towards opposite sex. There is a longing to touch, hug and kiss but ultimately all these feelings are influenced by lust only. Attaining the ultimate orgasm becomes the happiest part in somebody’s life. All the other aspects such as studies, parents, relatives etc. look boring to them. All these other aspects are supposed to be fulfilled by them due to a kind of fear generated by their parents and society inside them.

After attaining complete saturation from the TIME of lust, they enter a new stage of love in their manhood. This is the time when major transformation occurs in their lives. Nowadays, most of the youth is so much of scared about their career, lover and bank balance. They forget the actual meaning of their life by wasting their manhood in all these things. Actually, they also are not blamed for their priorities because they take such decisions according to the exposure to their mind. They have many fears such as losing a job, misguided career direction, lover dependency, lover hypocrisy, betrayal, bank balance less than 5,000 and so on. All these questions lead to a final question i.e. “what if?” and this question keep on succumbing them till the end of their life. They become so much engrossed in their past and future life that they forget the real thing which is running throughout with them in their life. They forget the present. They forget to live. They just keep on planning and ultimately, the outcome is nothing other than a pile of materialistic things stored inside their houses with another fear of theft or robbery.

This blog is here in front of your eyes just to make you understand that what exactly you want. You need to analyze your daily routine and segregate the activities due to fear and activities due to joy. You would definitely find 90% percent of your activities occur due to fear. I want you to do it for joy. Love making is the only universal activity in which all our five senses equally feel every sensation of every single moment. The touch, the taste, the sound, the aroma and the words lead to the ultimate feeling of joy called orgasm. The similar condition goes to the feeling of eating only if you are eating when you are very hungry. You feel all the four senses except the words. You feel good when you fill the stomach of a needy. You should keep on doing things and recognize the activities which make you feel good from within. Joy and fear are two ultimate antonyms of reality.

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